Monday, January 19, 2009

One last day

Before we swear in the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVA.


And now this:

Terry Kirby writes:

Even before Barack Obama is sworn in as the next president of the United States tomorrow, he has changed our perceptions. Not just because he is the first black man to hold the office – but because he has altered our view of what a middle-aged man can look like.


Kirby goes on to explain how Obama's dedicated fitness regime has resulted in this middle-aged Odanis we have before us. All middle-aged men should follow The One's example:

Most experts advise a minimum of three Obama-style mixed cardio/weights training sessions a week for an hour to maintain a high degree of fitness. Doyle says older men need to spend longer, tougher hours in the gym than younger men. "They just have to work a bit harder at it," he says. What about the reality of ageing, those joints that ache a little more every year? "Compensate for weak knees by strengthening your leg muscles," says Ransom. "Or find a low-impact exercise that suits you, like swimming or the cross-trainer."

Can we call it "Obamarobics?"

Now, over the last year, I've become somewhat of a gym rat. At the gym, there are plenty of middle-aged men with a similar gym addiction. They put Obama to shame.

Please, media, get over it. I know you love him, and he is going to do no wrong for the next 4-to-8 years, but this is getting embarrassing.

Obama has the build of an average gym-rat. It aint all that.

If people want a middle-aged man to look up to fitness-wise, they'd do better to look to this man:

And, instead of Obamarobics, give P90-X a try.