Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Morning Newspaper Rant

I don't even know what I pay for that piece of garbage anymore. Before I go off to church to pray for our country, I must pass along this piece of utter nonsense. From Ron Dzwondkowski, Free Press editorial page editor.

Whatever happens in Tuesday's election, don't worry, be happy, get spiritual. A new age is dawning in America, to be marked by four "metamovements that separately and together are redefining the American Dream."
And these are according to pollster John Zogby, living with limits, embracing diversity, looking inward, and demanding authenticity.

Zogby's got a new book, and in it he predicts a future "of a more tolerant America living frugal lifestyles." Oh boy.

Today's young adults - growing up amid the Panic of '08 or however it will be known - will get used to living with less after decades marked by America's conspicuous consumption. The country, Zogy says, will by 2020 have "embraced the Zen of more minimal lifestyles" and will expect our leaders to talk straight; Hype, hokum and hooey, in politics, in advertising, wherever it appears will be punished.

See, our youth are simply better than us. Smarter. More wordly. And if you believe that ...

Honestly, I have so much to say about this article, I can't even begin. So I'll go to church and pray.