Friday, November 07, 2008

I sorta want to respond to this, and I sorta don't.

Mostly I take issue with:

The same crowd that vilified the left wingers for disowning their president, for threatening to move, for calling him a dictator, are doing the same exact thing now to Obama. The people who were in an uproar in 2004, calling the wingnuts on the left traitors for saying they would never support the president are claiming the same words as their own.

Hey, right wingers? You have become the people you hate. You have become everything you screamed at people for being in 2004. You are running around claiming that Obama cheated, lied and bought his way to the White House. Looking around the blogosphere and its comments I see the words slimy, corrupt, devil, Antichrist, communist, evil, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler. That the people who voted for Obama are ignorant, idiots, stupid, corrupt, racist, Jew haters, the enemy.

In two days? Two days and we've equaled the vitriol spewed for the last 7 years? While there are some unhinged people making unreasoned arguments against Obama, many others are making perfectly reasonable ones. Get back to me when there are assassination fantasy plays, and people cheering when Chavez calls President Obama the devil.

Jim Treacher, though really has a better response to arguments such as Michele's, which were stated in her PMJ article a few days ago:

There's nothing easier than telling the guy you just beat that he should forget the depths you plumbed to do so.

And I forgot to mention the whole deal with, y'know, the last 8 years of lefty rage? It's just become such a part of the scenery, you almost forget sometimes. Plus Obama's voter fraud and credit-card fraud and constant lies about his past and false accusations of racism and the fact that he's already making far-left appointments and he wants to shut down talk radio because he can't handle criticism and all that other silly stuff we all need to get past now because we're going to need to work extra hard to pay for our own oppression. Whoops, there I go again!

As I've said, if you expect me to give Obama half a chance, howz-about you don't preface that request by mentioning Bush's stupidity?