Saturday, February 09, 2008

Something evil's afoot in Michigan

News is out today of what the state Dems plan to do with those delegates;they are awarding 73 of 'em to Hillary. The remaining 55 go ... to no one, or the uncommitted. National leadership says unless Michigan holds another election, or a caucus, they will not seat the Delegates. This has shrills for Hillary Michigan Democrats hopping mad:

But the prospect of holding a party-run caucus to pick delegates, while alluring mainly to supporters of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was getting a thumbs-down from influential state party leaders.

Sen. Carl Levin, one of the architects of the Jan. 15 primary, issued a statement saying it "would not be practical or fair to throw out the results of that election."

Former Gov. James Blanchard, chairman of the Clinton campaign in Michigan, said he couldn't imagine a second-chance election.

"They do that in the Soviet Union, but we're not doing it here," Blanchard said. "It's un-American."

In addition to the 73 delegates Clinton will get if the primary results are counted, she has the support of at least seven of Michigan's super-delegates, top party officials and officeholders who are free to support a candidate of their choosing.

I thought that Blanchard quote was extra-super-special. Nice communism comparison. National Democrats are STANDING TOUGH:

Democratic National Committee officials reiterated Friday that Michigan and Florida -- both of which held primary elections earlier than allowed by party rules -- won't have any delegates unless they conduct second, sanctioned, elections or caucuses, or the delegates are reinstated by the convention this summer.

So ... if you don't hold another election or caucus, the delegates WON'T COUNT, unless we simply reinstate them at the convention. Stay Gold, DNC.

The race between Obama and Hillary! is so close the Michigan delegates matter. But perhaps not as much as the Super delegates:

Adding to the friction is the role that so-called super delegates are entitled to play at the party's national convention in Denver, set for August.

Both campaigns are now focusing intensely on those 796 insiders -- Congress members, governors, state party chairs and DNC members from each state -- who could play kingmaker at a competitive convention. Those super delegates are free to vote for the candidate of their choice, regardless of the outcome of nomination contests in their states.

It is a behind-the-scenes campaign that is far different than the lofty discussions of healthcare and global warming that punctuate the public debate, focusing instead on the specific political needs of each undecided super delegate.

What was that Blanchard was saying about this not being the Soviet Union? Because I'm thinking an election decided by fat-cats and insiders is kinda ... Soviety.

It's obvious that the Michigan Democratic party leaders are pulling for Clinton. VERY OBVIOUS. John Conyers, alone, supports Obama. These Hillary supporters/party leaders are the same people pushing for the primary result that unfairly favored Hillary.

Nope, nothing here to see folks.

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