Tuesday, February 26, 2008

P90X Update

Since you're all DYING to know ...

I'm on week four (I know, I know, I supposedly started at the beginning of the year, and it would appear that I'm a tad behind, but I pulled something and took a break and started over) and it's going ok. This is a break week- although I don't really define break as doing twice as much yoga as I did before. I ... how do I put this gently ... FRAKING HATE yoga. Or Frakking. Whatever, Steve.

So, I'm feeling better; a bit more in shape. I'm able to actually DO moves that I was unable to do in the beginning. But, I haven't yet seen any earth-shattering bodily changes. I'm not discouraged, I supposed, but not really encouraged either. I'm in stasis. Wait and see.