Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Week, on "The View"

A while back, when Rosie got going on her 9/11 Truther rant, she accepted the challenge to have "experts" on the show to discuss the moonbat theories pertaining to tower seven. Apparently, she wasn't entirely serious. On Thursday, the "Loose Change" idiots will be on The View. Not exactly experts, but perhaps I'm biased in favor of rational thought. Good Lt on Rosie's "experts":

Some nobody who dropped out of film school, another nobody whose scientific expertise extends to the point of remembering which Double Sausage With Cheese to deliver to which address, and some other nobody whose scientific expertise involves Drano and how to properly mix Pine-Sol and water.

To Rosie and the mentally handicapped minions that make up the Twoofer religion, these clowns are considered "experts."

Last night, I was explaining the truther movement to my husband, who was just baffled that this is actually a "movement." His reaction was to question that anyone (other than a small group) believed this garbage. Well, from the Loose Change blog:

400 leading professors, pilots, physicists, politicians, law enforcement officials, 9/11 victim’s families are all fighting for 9/11 truth. Crucially according to respected pollsters, ‘Zogby’ over 42% of the American population, now believe that there has been a cover up over 9/11. This is translating into practical problems for the US administration, which is now finding it difficult to recruit potential jurors in trials of terrorist suspects because so many ordinary people now no longer believe the official story.

A little bit further, these idiots compare themselves to Rosa Parks, Simon Wiesenthal, Winston Churchal, and Nelson Mandela. To see a bit of intelligent (well, one sided intelligence) discussion of the 9/11 conspiracy theories, start here. To read an article directly addressing Rosie's wacked-out theories, Popular Mechanics responds here.