Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is Coldplay just a rip-off of Radiohead? You decide.
Random Coldplay song:


Ha! I just read somewhere that Coldplay is "Radiohead for stupid people."

Update II:

From azCentral.com

In its early days, Coldplay could easily be summed up as Radiohead minus Radiohead's beat, dissonance or arty subterfuge. Both bands looked to the overarching melodies of 1970s British rock and to the guitar dynamics of U2, and Martin had clearly heard both Bono's delivery and the way Radiohead's Thom Yorke stretched his voice to the creaking point.

Unlike Radiohead, though, Coldplay had no interest in being oblique or barbed. From the beginning, Coldplay's songs topped majesty with moping: "We're sinking like stones," Martin proclaimed. Hardly alone among British rock bands as the 1990s ended, Coldplay could have been singing not only about private sorrows but also about the final sunset on the British empire: the old opulence meeting newly shrunken horizons. Coldplay's songs wallowed happily in their unhappiness.

I knew the similarities were too obvious for this to not have been already a debate. To be honest, I liked Coldplay. Until I heard Radiohead. I mean, REALLY heard Radiohead. I wasn't a fan of "Creep", and "Karma Police" didn't really grab me either, so I never investigated the band. And for that, I apologize.