Monday, May 14, 2007

Kilpatrick V Granholm

I missed days and days of news, but I opened my paper up to this gem:

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will ask for approval to open up to 25 charter schools in Detroit as part of what he calls an aggressive push to provide parents with quality education options.

YEA! Detroit schools, especially the middle grade on up, are horrible. Test scores are abysmal, as are the graduation rates. Sending my children to the DPS was never even a glimmer of a consideration. Efforts to improve the schools are fought tooth and nail. But, this is the fun part:

Kilpatrick, in an exclusive interview, said that by early summer, he will ask Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the Legislature to raise the cap on charter schools to allow his office to partner with cultural institutions and businesses in the city to create a string of small middle and high schools, the first of which would likely open in fall 2008.

Oh, I can't wait. If it weren't for the unions (auto and teacher's), Jenny wouldn't have gotten re-elected. "Beholden" is an understatmente. So, is she going to come up against the teacher's union and approve an increase of charter schools? Kilpatrick, mind you, is also a democrat, but he has come to realize that the Detroit schools are unlikely to turn around very quickly; especially since the unions are determined to protect it's own, not improve the schools.