Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Mind Wobbles

Alec Baldwin on HuffPo

It appears that the winter is over in the New York area, as temperatures are moving rather quickly from freezing, and some nights in the teens, to 50's and 60's in mid-March.

This has been an unusually mild winter. November and December both quite warm. And record January temperatures. (On January 6th, I walked along Central Park here in NY in 72 degree weather.)

WTF is he talking about? An unusually mild winter? You know, that .9 degree Farhenhite above average for the century REALLY made a huge difference this past winter. I thought about simply throwing away my winter coats. When I think about "unusually mild" winters, a POINT NINE degree difference isn't exactly what I'm imagining.

Here in Michigan, we started with a relatively mild winter (not UNUSUALLY mild), and then by the end of January we had a plummeting of temperatures as a result of a shifting jet stream.

Average temperatures (for Detroit) were as follows:

December 37.4
January 29.6
Febuary 19.3

The rest of Michigan showed a similar, although colder, trend.

Now, to find "unusually mild", we can simply go and look at this handy chart here.

The Warmest month occurred in February 1875, where the average temperature was 79.1 Now THAT would be unusually mild! So, our warmest month this past winter (December) was 41 degree colder than the record warmest month.

But let's not let the facts get in the way :

old weather from the North fought its way into this area in February, and we had five or six weeks of true winter cold, but it is running out the door a lot quicker than it came in.

Is this what global warming's first act will look like? Seasons shifted and shorter, less intense winters? Migrations of specific "bands of meteorology" moving northward. Miami's weather becomes DC's weather. Atlanta's weather becomes New York's? New York's becomes Toronto's and so on?

Once again, I turn to Michigan where they are predicting a Spring of normal, to slightly below normal temperatures. But, you know, I'm sure acclaimed climatologist Alec Baldwin can sense the nuance of the situation a bit better than I.

You still have people in the political "leadership class" in this country (that is anyone who is wealthy and/or well connected enough to be able to buy good seats to the latest Hillary-Obama-Romney-McCain rock concert-barbecue-Chardonnay sampling event) who do not want to talk about climate change during the campaign in any meaningful way so as not to "bring everyone's head down." The war, and all of the other unconscionable, lying, thieving and whoring done by Bush, Cheney and, now, Gonzales, is more than we all can bear. The low point in US politics (and it is the lowest point because of how close we all are to the lessons we should have learned from Vietnam, the first Iraq war, Watergate, etc.) has rendered us incapable of any real effort in the service real change. Americans, if not disgraced by their government, are enervated by it. And they hate it. I have never heard Americans speak so poorly of the institutions of our government as they are now.

This paragraph is such a mess of hyperbole that I don't even know where to start. Obviously Baldwin is giving away his secret; he's not backing Obama or Hillary. HUMN, who will it be? I'm so curious and intrigued.

Is a one-term Senator from Illinois the answer? Is a woman who is bright and strong-willed, yet in it just as much to rewrite her own epitaph as anything? Is she the answer? Could you ever vote Republican again? You'd have to pry all of their lips off of Bush's ass before they could answer a debate question or kiss your baby. (Think about where all those Republicans lips have been before you even contemplate handing them that baby.)

Oh, it's getting ugly here.

There is a candidate out there who IS the answer. The only answer. And, in what I believe is the true American spirit, I would rather die under a government headed by such a man than live under one like we have now. Just think, the pompous, self-important, intellectually vain attorney general taking orders from the White House to politicize the firings of REPUBLICAN -APPOINTED attorneys on his own staff.

Oh, WHO? Can't you just say his name? I'm dying here.

Add Gonzales' name to those of Colin Powell and Rice and all the other bright, dedicated public servants who squandered their reputations and trashed their places in history trying to do the bidding of the worst President in US history and his crypto-fascist, hate-filled Vice-President. Cheney....the most un-Amercan man to ever serve in high office in this country's history. Only Oliver North, had he beat Chuck Robb, would have brought us any lower.

He didn't mention Halliburton, so Baldwin loses one point for form. Otherwise, it's got a nice beat, and I can dance to it.

Think about it. One man. Smart. Experienced. Brave. Doing it for the RIGHT REASONS!

You want his phone number?

Obviously, Alec Baldwin is shilling for Rudy Guiliani. Who would have thought?