Tuesday, March 27, 2007

IKEA report

Ok, I'm at five bookshelves (and one CD tower) and I still need more room.

I think my books are multiplying in those boxes in the attic. And, yes, I am culling the herd as I go, but I simply have a LOT of books I want/need to keep.

My new shelves don't even contain the six years of home-schooling books, which I need to keep since I have a five-year-old. WHAT am I going to do with those? I was hoping to separate-out the curriculum portions, but shelve all the books. I'm gonna need ... two more big shelves, I think. OR, I could keep all the homeschooling books on the low shelves ... and buy maybe four more of those ...

Regardless, when I'm done (which will have to wait until I save up), I'm getting ride of all the non-Ikea shelves. I want a uniform, clean look.