Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Facist State?

No, not here in America. Despite what the moonbats say, American is the Land of the Free. No, I'm talking about Germany, where home schooling is illegal. One poor child was taken away from her parents by, basically, Jack-Booted thugs.

This story began when 15-year-old Melissa Busekros began to have a bad experience in public school and fell behind in some classes. So her parents, Hubert and Gudrun, decided to homeschool her.

But in Germany, homeschooling is treated like a crime. Some German homeschoolers have been accused of treason, and they have been persecuted without mercy by the state.

Why did they take her away?

The evaluation says that Melissa is "a highly disturbed girl who obediently and faithfully obeys the idealistic statements of her father and who describes the State as being despotic and 'fascist-like'."

It adds, with a concerned tone, that "Melissa demonstrates loyalty towards her father and unconditional solidarity with her family."

What. A. Monster. The girl is now in a foster home, and her parents are only allowed to visit her once a week, for an hour.

Germany has a mandatory school attendance law, all the better for indoctrinating. In another German story, a family has lost custody of all their children:

A court in eastern Germany has taken custody of five children away from their homeschooling parents, but has not yet removed the children from the home. The parents, Bert and Kathrin Brause of Zittau, lost custody of their children, Rosine, Jotham, Kurt-Simon, Lovis and Ernst, to the local youth welfare office.

The parents can only regain custody by placing their children in public school, and the children may be physically removed by the state at any time.

According to court documents translated by the International Human Rights Group, the parents were also ordered to pay all court costs, estimated at almost $4000. The judge’s order was based solely on the parents’ unwillingness to send their children to the public school, in violation of Germany’s mandatory school attendance law.

Well, certainly the parents must have been doing a poor job educating their children, right?

The court decision in Zittau came despite the fact that the judge admitted that the children were well-educated under the direction of the Philadelphia school, a German homeschooling umbrella organization to which their parents belonged.

The court accused the parents, who both have college degrees, of not providing their children with a public school education as they themselves had received.

The family applied to educate their children at home because the parents believe it is their duty before God. The judge stated that the parents’ obedience to God put the interests of their children “second.”

Court documents show the judge also complained that the children answered her with the same opinions that their father had voiced; showing that they have not had the opportunity to develop independent personalities. This echoes the Busekros case in Bavaria, in which the Erlangen Youth Welfare Agency told a court that the daughter was influenced too much by her father, and was not developing a personality of her own.

The judge accused the parents of abusing their children by keeping them from public life (in public school) and “forcing” the children to follow their own lifestyle.

The next step will be for the state to take control completely of German children. Wouldn't want parents to have any opportunity to influence their children, now would we?