Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Mind Wobbles, II

So, it is rather obvious that HuffPo didn't allow comments yesterday in the articles about Tony Snow because, as experience has shown, they know they will be deluged with DIE A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH TONY, comments. Today, a post about reconciling America did allow comments, and the deluge begins. I'm not surprised, but I did find the following comment interesting :

That huffpo has been taken over by the neocon's is evidenced by the disallowing comments about Snow.All I can say is that the profound advice by our esteemed Resident Bush that prayer will heal Snow. However, it makes me wonder if Snow's cancer story is concocted so that Bush can claim his connection with god because of his advice for prayer, in Snow's behalf, resulted in remission of Snow's cancer thereby allowing Bush to declare his divinity as he has previously proclaimed.

So, it is a neocon plot to disallow the left's vindictive hate, at least temporarily on HuffPo? Personally, I'm perfectly OK with allowing them to display their full nuttiness. What I find interesting, is that there is a portion of the left that is so far gone, they don't even realize that the hate speech displayed against Rethuglians, like Tony Snow, is simply beyond the pale.