Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weekend Report

Calories consumed: Not too bad, and I managed to exercise everyday 'cept Turkey day itself (although I did go for a short walk.) Sorry, Leo. I know how disappointed you must be to find that I don't really fit into the stereotype you've fallen so in love with of Americans. Head-to-neck ratio is just as it should be, and my Cholesterol, blood pressure, etc, are all just perfection.

TV watched: avoided all football games. Ditto any and all parades, although I DID see the Detroit Santa Float on the 94/Woodward overpass on my way South to see the inlaws. "LOOK KIDS, THERE'S SANTA!" All the fun, none of the zero degree cold.

And, I finally watched the first DVD of Firefly and I have to say it rocked! Anyone know how many episodes in total there are? I want to prepare myself ... pace myself, if you will. I'm Netflixing them, but I really really like what I've seen so far. I might have to ask for them from Santa.