Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Riots, day 12

I find this curious:

The nightly protests against racism and unemployment dropped markedly in the greater Paris region, where violence had increased to the point of shooting at police, but continued unabated in other cities

What better means to eliminate people's racist opinions of you than to burn, loot, and create violent mayhem? "You know, I used to have ill-thoughts about Mohammad, but ever since he burned down my store, and torched my car I've seen the light. I think I'll hire him!"

Also, what does it mean that the protests are down, but violence has increased? I think I'd prefer the protests to violence, but that's just me.

The renewed violence followed a warning by Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin that he would take a firm line against lawbreakers.

I hear Villepin is considering making it illegal to burn and loot. I don't know if he's considering the ultimate sentence - actual JAILING- but I'm hoping it's being considered. Nice to hear they are getting serious about this.

In the early days of the riots, I saw a report (most likely on Foxnews) that the French were proud that no one had been hurt, because the French police have non-lethal methods of dealing with the rioters. And - I'm thinking- perhaps if they had a FEW semi-lethal methods, the riots wouldn't be spreading across Europe like wildfire.