Monday, November 14, 2005


From Jayne, in comments:

Little late to comment on this, but, I heard on 3 local radio shows that Kwame is being seriously looked at as a future big contender for the Democrats nationally. Bad for the country and the democrats, but good for Detroit as they could get rid of him. Also, has anyone mentioned the fact that Kwame, Jesse, and Farrakan used the Rosa Parks ceremony for a campaign event for Kwame? And how Detroit chuches seem immune to losing their tax exempt status in spite of holding campaign speeches regularly? Detroit is corrupt, and everyone has heard about it with the exception of the two Levins, Conyers, and Granholm.
One more thing. Pictures of Detroit would be great. You should do that. Have you ever been to the site Detroit Funk? He has pictures of Detroit decay at his site.

Kwame would be a horrible choice. All image, absolutely NO substance. He went to a nothing college, and never existed outside of politics (someone PLEASE tell me, but I think he got his first political job by taking his mother's place.) Really, I'm a Republican to the bone, but I wouldn't wish Kwame on them.

I was ON the Rosa Parks bus yesterday (it is housed at a wonderful museum called "The Henry Ford" - a local treasure, and national gem.) As I mentioned before, I question the timing of Parks death - it certainly provided a wonderful platform for Kwame to politic and pander. I get pretty sick of hearing out awful and racist all whites are, as I sat on that bus, filled with white people listening to the details of Rosa's bus ride. It was a Sunday afternoon, and there wasn't a black person in the entire museum. WHY is that? In a city that is 85% black, why wasn't there any black people there at all?

I think I will do the Detroit pictures, but I will have to figure out a better method than using Flickr. Once I tackle that ...