Monday, November 07, 2005

And the dumbest EVER use of the race card ...

Goes to "Steve Reifman", lawyer to Detroit City Clerk Jackie Currie :

"We feel all this is a violation of civil rights and the ability of black people to vote," Steve Reifman told The Detroit News.

What is the violation? Well, since a ruling has been made that Currie has been breaking state law in her handling (stress on the word handling) of absentee ballots, and supervision of "ambassadors" who aid the elder and disabled while voting, the State Bureau of Elections wants to "oversee" the absentee voting practices in tomorrow's election.

Can someone explain to me exactly WHERE the violation of civil rights of blacks is occurring. Black people can't vote because ....?? The funniest thing, is that the city of Detroit is 80% black. They have been in power in Detroit for as longs as I can remember. Besides, absentee ballots are not a "black thing" (as far as I know)- so by "disenfranchising" them would be equalized across race lines. Overseeing the handling of absentee ballots sure is a far cry from disenfranchisement anyhoo. This woman is just beyond corrupt, and willing to do just about anything to retain her position (and salary.)