Monday, June 13, 2005

Who's responsible for terrorism?

Well, Michael Moore would say Terrorism sprouted from the head of Karl Rove and BushHitlerCheneyHalliburton, but Egyptian writer Sayyid Al-Qimni has a different opinion:

"We let terrorism grow and flourish when we allowed Islamist thought to infilirate our media and schools... Terrorism grew when we allowed the Islamists to plant in the minds of Egyptian Muslims [the concept] that citizenship and patriotism are reprehensible innovations, and this is because the Islamists do not recognize [individual] countries, for they are the Islamic nation of la ilaha illa 'llah ['There is no God but Allah'], wherever they may be. The issue of the ideology of hatred got out of hand when we allowed the [Egyptian] Fatwa Authority to decide in matters outside its jurisdiction...

"This cancer spread when we allowed them to steal the souls of our children... The virus thrived when we allowed the current of hatred to be directed against the very interests of the people, when we charged the souls with the current of hatred for the advanced Western countries to the point where our peoples now hate everything associated with the West - even freedom, dignity and democracy - instead of hating those Islamic sheikhs and armed militias who have dragged our honor in the mud for the whole world to see."

Also interesting- on the situation of Muslim women: :

"As for the Muslim woman, she is consigned to wretched slavery. According to the foremost of [Koranic] exegetes Al-Razi(2)... she is like a prisoner in a man's possession.

"[Sheikh Yousef] Al-Qaradhawi explained on Al-Jazeera... 'The woman is subject to more restrictions [than the man] ...because the man is not a [source of] temptation as is the woman, who is required to cover her hair, bosom, and neck and to wear [clothing] that is neither transparent nor tight-fitting...'

"[Muslim] women have surrendered their minds and spirits and believe that these are religious duties that are obligatory for them, to such an extent that women academics from Al-Azhar [University] accused the author of these lines of apostasy when I spoke about the rights to which they are entitled by virtue of their being full-fledged citizens just like men.

The highest criticism, though, is when he discusses the Muslim thought control:

"There is a barrier separating the [Muslim's] mind from the real world around him, so that he falls into a state of constant hallucination and, as a result, loses the capacity to distinguish between good and evil. He only recognizes the value of halal and haram [i.e., permissible vs. prohibited] according to the Islamic point of view. Muslims are burdened with many repressive restrictions... Freedom of thought and expression are fenced in by Islamic restrictions ..."

Interesting stuff, albeit a tad heavy for a Monday morning.

I gotta go, I have gardening to do.

H/t: jihad watch