Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tomato plants revisted

You guys are NOT going to believe what I discovered this morning. My fence was ON THE GROUND, again. One of my 5 gallon containers was gone (leaving the tell-tale circle of dead grass on my lawn.) Being the superlative detective that I am - I was hot on the trail and within minuets had RECOVERED the missing plant.

Yes it was. RIGHT in my back-door neighbor's yard.

YES IT WAS. My container. My tomato. Even the damn tomato cage.

I took my plant back, put the fence up as best as I could (hoping that the catmint and marjoram and basil and lavender it landed on were not pulverized into oblivion) and then used a BIKE lock to keep that fence up on the post.

I would say that I have beaten her this time, but that would just invite trouble, wouldn't it?