Thursday, June 23, 2005

Supersize Me/counterpoint

Now, I saw the movie, and many aspects of it bugged me. So, what do I read this morning at NRO? Lopez interviewing a woman who made a movie debunking the movie's claims. She says:

I heard about Super Size Me on Good Morning America about mid-March of 2004 and was amazed that people were actually being bamboozled by director Morgan Spurlock of The Con Production Company. Even without seeing the film I could tell from the clips and the description by Spurlock that this was nothing more than junk science masquerading as legitimate scientific discovery. I had been looking into the issue of junk science through the site and felt that Super Size Me should not be allowed to exist without a proper counterpoint to it's blatant propagandizing and shoddy scientific methodology. Other than that, I wanted to lose ten pounds.

Soso Whaley went on her own 30-day McDonald's diet - and lost ten pounds. AND, cut her cholesterol. It really cutes to the quick of the argument when she says:

Spurlock asks where "personal responsibility ends and corporate responsibility begins" at the start of his film. As far as I'm concerned personal responsibility for your own life never ends. Besides I don't need some corporation to be "responsible" for me and my.

Spurlock would like to blame big corporations for the health ills of our country ... Whaley puts the responsibility right where it belongs - on the lifter of the fork.