Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Detroit's mayor

I don't want to bore all with my blather about our awful mayor, but since I am a CITIZEN JOURNALIST I just can't keep quiet.

Detroit's Mayor is the son of US House Representative Calroyn Cheek's Kilpatrick (Michigan's 13th district). Perhaps that is how an education major from a second rate college was able to become the nation's youngest Mayor (he was elected at the tender age of 31). To be fair, he also has a J.D. from from Detroit College of lawa, but now-a-days, who doesn't have a law degree? He doesn't appear to ever have practiced law, at least I saw no reference anywhere. I searched for his qualifications, but was unable to find anything other than 4 years as a middle school teacher on his resume, and a stint in the Michigan house of Representatives.

I am too disgusted to write the details, but see here for examples of how a mayor of a financially strapped, decayed city lives and conducts business. What galls most is the sense of entitlement. During a business trip to Vegas, the Mayor took his wife and family. But, his wife, once there, complained that the suite supplied by the Casino wasn't big enough. Mr. Mayor went into his "do you know who I am" act, and demanded better accommodations.

You know, when my husband travels, the kids and I don't go with him. You see, functions such as that, are called VACATIONS. We save up money for them, hubby takes time off, and we go.

Kwame has given himself the title of "America's first hip-hop mayor." Well, go below and read a fine "hip-hop" song and decide for yourself whether or not this is a good thing. His re-election slogan is "Re-elect OUR Boy." what does he mean by "our" boy? He means, your buddy, your friend. Your homie. Let me not be coy here - Kwame is hinting that he is the only one black enough to be mayor of Detroit. All those other "black folks" aren't looking out for you homies out there; most likely they are simply fronts for white people. You heard me. WHITE PEOPLE. His re-election campaign is nothing but good, old fashioned, race baiting. Funny, when the voting public in Detroit is 85% black, and has had black mayors since 1973 (Oh, did I mention that Kwame wanted to be a mayor ever since he met Coleman Young - Detroit's finest example of cronyism and corruption? Kwame must have patterned his administration after that one.)

I could go on and on about the charges that Kwame accepted bribes in exchange for meetings. And, stories where Kwame wasn't interested in projects, unless they were lead by black people (unless, of course, it involved expensive Casinos and family vacations.)

To end this overly long rant - I leave you with the idea of Public Service. A mayor is supposed to be a public servant. You are supposed to be an advocate for the city. Instead, the crown of "Mayor of Detroit" has been, to this man, a passport to take what he wants, as to act as if he were P. Diddy. I don't want P. Diddy as a mayor.