Saturday, May 28, 2005

There, I've said it

Not all cultures are equal. Exhibite A:

Two bombs ripped through a busy market in a Christian town in eastern Indonesia on Saturday, killing up to 21 people in an attack likely to raise fears sectarian bloodshed could again break out in the region.


Police on the scene said the bombs comprised high explosives, adding that the blasts could be heard 12 km (7 miles) away. The second explosion came 15 minutes after the first, and was the bigger of the two, residents said.
The roofs of shops near the market were torn off and food and goods scattered over a wide area in Tentena, 1,500 km (900 miles) northeast of Jakarta. Windows in a police station were blown out.
Much of the past Sulawesi violence focused on nearby Poso in a conflict that drew Muslim militants from groups such as the al Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiah, a Southeast Asian network blamed for numerous bomb attacks across Indonesia.
Some 85 percent of Indonesia's 220 million people are Muslim. But in some eastern parts, Christian and Muslim populations are about equal in size.

Al-Qaeda and all it's affiliated splinter groups are not equal to the rest of humanity, and deserve to be holocausted out of existence. And don't go crying to me about the history of the Christian church having bad stuff in it's past as well. Because, if that the case - because then I'm going to put for the idea that the much maligned Western Culture is about 800 years ahead of these monsters.