Thursday, May 26, 2005

Stories you don't read everyday

Airborne Hog Society recounts the tale of an insurgent attack against his base. And, what a tale it is- and you have to read the whole thing -but the bit below caught my attention:

I have no idea how many enemy we killed, as our flamboyantly-dressed reaction force returned fire against our attackers.  The AIF are extremely good at casualty evacuation, and the area that they attacked from gave them lots of cover and concealment and a good escape route.  But, I am sure that there were plenty of carcasses with lots of holes.  It was definitely a good day for the dogs living around our Patrol Base.  There were body parts strewn all over the Patrol Base and the surrounding vicinity.  Dogs were running around, carrying around scraps of suicide bombers in their mouths, with their tails wagging, happy as can be.  Inside of the Patrol Base, we were finding body parts and car parts all day, after the fight.  The scalp of one of the bombers landed about one-hundred meters from the site of the blasts.  We found entrails as far away as 150 meters.  This was an unique attack, in that such large explosions usually do not leave anything other than scalps and feet, but this attack resulted in large pieces of expended martyrs being strewn over a large area, much to the delight of our canine friends

My husband's brother (we all roomed together in college) is in Baghdad, running missions. I read today that they are "locking down" Baghdad in a huge move to catch the bad guys, so he's on my mind even more. He doesn't have time to relate his exploits, so I'm grateful that some of our men over there are able to fill in the blanks (in a sense) of what he's doing and facing.

H/t: Right Wing Sparkle