Friday, May 13, 2005

No he DIDN'T

Yes he did. He used the word gravitas to describe the president. As in, he doesn't have enough. Didn't this jerk get the memo a few years ago?? THAT was the word they used to try to defeat him in the FIRST election. It didn't work, so I thought they abandoned that strategy. I mean, after all -they had plenty of other ideas ... there was the "Bush is stupid" thing. Then, of course, "Bush lied, people died" (I just saw that chestnut on a van yesterday). Moving right along, there was the EVER popular "Bush=Hitler." All these seemed to have a much firmer gripe on the imaginations of the moonbats, so I ask you WHY does "Jon Robin Baltz" (whoever the heck he is) feel the need to return to the "he lacks gravitas" charge?

I guess the bigger question, really, is why the heck I was reading the Huffington Post in the first place? Is it because I echo the sentiments of Bruce Kluger :

Really, congratulations Arianna! What a terrific idea this [blog] is. Maybe now the national conversation will finally switch back to things that really matter, instead of the usual red-faced, right-wing, lunatic rants about the evils of teaching evolution and the moral depravity of lesbian moms appearing with a cartoon bunny on PBS.

Urm. no. And with THAT post, I think I'm finished with any voyeuristic visits to the Huffington Post.