Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bu$hitler/ a Primer

All this talk about Bush being exactly like Hitler has gotten me thinking. Some of these are just mind blowing.

Just to start BUSH (43rd president of the United States) and Hilter (Fuhrer of Germany, and mass murderer):

1) Hitler held these awesome rallies in Nuremberg, and was a charismatic speaker. Bush, not so much. Ok, not so similar there.

2) Hitler began his career in the "German Workers Party" which became the National SOCIALIST Workers Party. I feel pretty certain Bush never belong to any socialist organizations. Socialite, perhaps. Socialist? Never. But this one kinda has me confused ... because Hitler started out as a socialist, and ended up being a Fascist. Bush started out as a Socialite, and ended up as Republican ( who is called a fascist). Coincidence? I think not.

3) Hitler's Minister of Information (Goebbels) controlled all media and education. To think that there is any Government control of media and/or education in the US, well, you'd have had to have a public school education. Which, I believe, is part of the problem.

4) Nuremberg Laws versus the "Patriot Act". Something to think about. I mean, sure, the Nuremberg laws started out by taking away Jew's citizenship,and banning them from marrying non-jews. Eventually, they had to wear yellow stars on their coats, couldn't work, couldn't go to school or ride a bus, and finally were corralled into concentration camps to met a horrible death. The Patriot act may start with the aim of finding and persecuting terrorist, but who knows where it might end.

5) Hitler killed Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and the mentally ill as part of his "final solution." Bush is against gay marriage. EXACTLY THE SAME!

6) Hitler was ultimately responsible for the death of 12 MILLION innocent people in his concentration camps. Bush has imprisoned terrorists in Gitmo. Some have even been interrogated by SEXY FEMALES (edit - reference to this story). Oh, the horror.

I'm sure there are many other "comparisons" you can make between these two men, these are just the ones that stick out to me.