Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Things I wish I had said

But I didn't - here is Dorinda Bordlee in NRO on recent Chris Rock comments:

So here we are, five years into the new millennium, and a comedian has the nerve to say out loud what men across America know full well: that legalized abortion is great for their sex lives; that abortion on demand makes women into sex objects with the full consent of the highest court in the land; and that if their sexual use of a woman results in the unfortunate side effect of a pregnancy, then $300 and their "kindhearted" support of the woman's "right to choose" will take care of the problem.

What did Rock say? That he liked to go to abortion rally's to pick up women, because you know the women there are f-ing. Bordlee argued that abortion has set to increase of sexual exploitation of women. That women are more likely to engage in sex, because they can get rid of the results, and that men no longer worry that sex is going to lead to unwanted fatherhood. In fact, the very idea that sex's primary purpose is for the creation of children is STRONGLY debated (I've been in such debates). Sure, sex can be fun -it can be an expression of love -but I find it remarkable that people dispute that it is primarily tied to reproduction.

It is sad that we have allowed men to lower us to this level. I am not a prude, and I am NOT saying that women shouldn't (or don't) enjoy sex. But, somehow, men have sold women a bill of goods. They have reduced many women to the amoral status of the male dog; that sex is an itch to be scratched. Instead of women raising men up to their level, men have lowered many of us down to theirs.