Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Weight Watchers Complaint

There is something screwy about the Activity Points. Those are the things that lets you eat a bit more, if you only get off your arse and go to the Gym. Anyway, it always seemed a tad random to me; the assigned values for different activities. You pick your exercise, then add in your time, and it tells you how many activity points you get.

It doesn't have a value for "Nordic Trak", but it does for cross country skiing. Forty minutes lands me 5 Activity Points. Woo Hoo, say I . BUT, I just got back from the gym, and the elliptical trainer only gives me 2 points for that same forty minutes. But, never fear, I have found the answer here, which allows you to assign points based on the intensity (heart rate) of your exertion. Yea, now, my elliptical foray earns me 5 points!