Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Books, Glorious Books

First on the list for my "Get My Sh*t" together Resolution (which, technically falls under Resolution #2- part of that accomplish more, set daily goals dealo), is to sort through all my books. I have books everywhere; in my bed room, in the living room, in the attic, and a whole crapload in the basement.

So ... everything is going into boxes. The only ones to be spared are those 1)on my immediate reading list, and 2) our school books. This is just an awful project for me, because I start out with good intentions, and then I come across a book I haven't seen in ages ... I open it just a bit to peek. Next thing you know, the book has just been transformed from the "pack-it-away" pile to the "I-might-want-to-look-at-it" (ever increasing) pile.