Monday, January 22, 2007

Detroit MEAP scores

State Eighth grade average:
Math 68.1% (pass)
Reading 75%
Science 74.9%
Writing 66.9

Detroit's stats
Math 39%
Reading 54.7%
Science 43.4%
Writing 43.8%

Grosse Pointe:
Math 84.4%
Reading 91.1%
Science 89.1%
Writing 84.9%

The Detroit Public School system is broken from the top to the bottom; from the parents to the principals. Every proposal for change is met with resistance. Nothing can be done for improvement. Detroiters have four choices to meet the needs of their child's education: private, Catholic, charter (if you are lucky enough to get into one) or home school. Well, actually, they have a fifth options; they can move out.

What would happen, if on the first day of school next year, no kids showed up?