Monday, October 05, 2009

One of those irony things ...

In the previous post, I mentioned that Michael Moore is informed by his religious faith in his advocacy against capitalism. Jesus was a socialist, you know. We can discuss that another time, because right now i want to focus on the whole "religions informs my economic views" dealo.

I find it funny that libs see no ideological conflict with picking and choosing when they decide it's OK to be informed by their religion. It was bad when Bush was moved by his God. Can we declare Moore and "equal" nutjob?

This "religious" battle over economic systems, though pales in comparison to the more serious religious battle taking place.

This war in Afghanistan is a case study in such arguments. It provides us with two protagonists in a religious war that will redefine the world as we know it and as it has been defined by recorded history. Make no mistake; this is a religious war. The first great mistake made in prosecuting this war has been the lack of political courage in identifying the enemy. The second was the lack of wisdom in correctly identifying the conflict as religious. Our delicate American sensibilities don't allow us, as a nation, to even conceive of the possibility of two nations fighting over religious ideological differences much less being party to it. We are not given a choice however. For if this war was thrust on us by the intrusions of Islamic forces from abroad over the past 30 years, we must also recognize the reasons for their attack. They have given us the reasons for their attacks over, and over again. We are the enemy to Islam and therefore to them. The fact that there are apostates in their midst and around the world that choose not to agree with that statement does not remove the fact that there are larger numbers of them who do.

But we can't discuss the battle in the ME in religious terms. Michael Moore can inform us (and probably win another Oscar in doing so) that Jesus wants us to be socialists, but we cannot even consider the fact that radical muslims hate because the rest of us are apostates?