Friday, October 23, 2009

Because there are too many updates below ... a new post

VDH spells out the difference between "Candidate Obama" and "President Obama."

Hanson ends the piece asking the question: will Obama pull a Clinton or dig-in and push his radical agenda? Many moderate Republicans voted for the man believing he would govern from the center. I think we all know now that is certainly NOT the case. And, unless he cleans house, he is surrounded by radicals who I cannot see moderating.

If he chooses the former, he might well be a more successful version of Bill Clinton given that his appetites are far more in check.

But if, as is likely, he chooses the latter, he will polarize the country in a way not seen since 1968, set back racial relations to the 1960s, do to the reputation of big government what LBJ did from 1964 to 1968, and, in the manner of what Jimmy Carter wrought, turn voters off liberal foreign policy for a generation.

Hope and Change. A uniter not a divider. Those words seem pretty hallow now.