Saturday, October 17, 2009

About controlling the costs related to Health Care

'Cause wasn't THAT what this was all about? Didn't OC just explain, down below, that she's going BROKE paying for her health insurance?

And then along came Price Waterhouse Coopers. Nice summary here. Money quote?

Projected premium increases over the next 4 years without health care reform are 26%. With health care reform, premiums will increase by 40%.

Over the next 7 years premiums will increase by 50% without reform and 73% with health care reform.

Isn't 73% more than 50%? I always thought it was.

According to PwC, the cost - OUR COST- of healthcare is going to go up. Up to $25,900 by 2019.

Related. delicious rant. Take note, Bobster, how the rantee is criticizing Republicans, those in power and out. Long story short? Be wary of Republicans on the take.

As the White House dismissed the insurance lobby's critiques of the Senate health care bill as self-serving corporate disinformation, President Obama used his weekly radio address to laud four former Republican officials for supporting the push for "reform." But Obama failed to mention that these pro-"reform" Republicans -- whom he lauded for "ris[ing] above the politics of the moment" -- are all in the pay of the health care industry and could personally profit from "reform."

Those Rinos can STFU.