Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More birds, odds and ends

Two yellow finches. Woot woot. And, I saw a house finch yesterday. Now, if only they'd go out and tell all their friends about the free food available.

Battlestar Galactica-I watched it last night. It would have been nice if, after all this time, the first episode was a bit ... more. Perhaps a two-hour episode? I dunno, I a tad befuddled about some of the twists.

Starbuck is back - and what is the deal with Madame President not believing a single word she says? It just seems a bit out of character.

The Four - I don't get their strategy here. I mean, they want to be loyal to humans, yet they are perfectly happy to throw Starbuck under the bus in order to avoid suspicion of their non-human status?

Over the weekend we watched No Country for Old Men. My husband has sworn off movies until I find some that aren't so depressing. We've had a spat of those - Pan's Labyrinth a month back. And, before that Bridge to Terabithia.