Tuesday, October 09, 2007


STILL no internet yet. It totally sucks, but luckily I've been busy so ... yada yada yada ...

Ok; Greta, as Kirby mentioned, got hit by a car on Saturday night. She's had one surgery to repair the internal organs (put things back where they go and repair her diaphragm) and she needs another to fix her pelvis. She popped one hip out of joint and fractured the other side ( I have no idea how she was running like that, but run she did for a while after the accident.) I visited her today, and she looks ... good, considering. She was pretty happy to see us, but she is tired and hooked up to all sorts of stuff. I'm hoping, praying that everything goes well over the next 24 hours and she gets that last thing fixed tomorrow and that I can take her home on Thursday.

River Rat - where have YOU been? I haven't seen you around in ages. I've moved at least an hour closer to you ... ha ha ha!

I haven't checked my email at all - IhatedialupIhatedialup, so if any one has emailed me I'm not ignoring you, I just haven't seen it.

Anyway, Hughsnet is really pissing me off ... I ordered it last week, and as of an hour ago they couldn't tell me why an installer hasn't called or showed up at my door. I ASSUMED I'd have it running by now.

I miss everyone, and will be back as soon as humanly possible.