Monday, October 29, 2007

Expect a lot

Of posts, that is. I'm sad, so don't feel like doing anything. And what fits the bill (of not doing anything) than spending all day on the internets? I may take the kids out for a nature walk later, but I need to be around to help my dad into/out of the car for his physical therapy appointment.

Perhaps with all the dog drama coming to an end, I can start concentrating on politics again. I just read that Obama has two-year-olds giving the maximum donation. That brother has a following! Go Obama!

Not to switch gears,that's the way I'm gonna roll for now, but what do you think is an appropriate mourning period? I'm not ready (obviously) for a new dog, but I'm sorta, kinda curious as to when I might be ready? I really hate not having a dog; and it was awful waking up this morning and not seeing Greta lying over by the side of my bed.

I lectured the kids last night that if we got a dog too soon, we would constantly be comparing her/it to Greta and we might come to resent it. You know, Greta never chewed our shoes kinda stuff. Honestly, she NEVER chewed shoes. Even when she was a puppy. I've never had a dog that didn't ruin a few pairs (if not many pairs) of shoes. Ocassionaly she would take them outside, but she didn't chew.

Once, long ago, she took our remote outside and we couldn't find it. Silly dog.

Anyway, I want to wait so that we're ready, and I know such a thing varies with everyone, I was just wondering how long others have waited before getting a new friend.