Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Coming Out ...

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I want the world to know,
Got to let it show

I figure that was the theme song going through Nathaniel Abraham's head as he left the courthouse Thursday. Nathaniel, if you will remember (if you're not a Michigander, perhaps you will not) shot and killed 18-year-old Ronnie Green eight years ago. When he was eleven. At the time, there was a bunch of hullabaloo regarding how he was to be charge; as an adult or as a child. He was a child who committed a man-sized crime.

He was sentenced, in the end, to a juvenile detention facility until the age of 21. Eight years in juvie for killing a man. But, the real prize is that upon his release he is being given two years of free housing, and four years of college tuition. Kill a man, go to college.

Since this murderer has become a ward of the state, we have spent almost a million dollars on his rehabilitation, with very questionable results. What do have we for our money? A pimp who still has anger management issues, and problems with authority. In case you cannot tell, he is wearing a black FUR coat, a fedora, and matching pink shoes, tie, and shirt.

Not exactly the image of a penitent individual.

Update: River Rat has come up with an excellent pool; How long until Abraham falls off the "rehabilitated" wagon? To be fair, I think you should know that killing a man wasn't Abraham's only brush with the oppressive enforcers of law and order:

At the time of his arrest for Greene's killing, the then-11-year-old Abraham had been suspected in 22 different crimes, ranging from burglary to assault with a metal pipe. But because of either lack of evidence or uncooperative witnesses, Abraham was never formally charged with the crimes. He was only arrested once — five weeks before Greene's shooting, police apprehended him for burglary.

Really, though, he was only arrested once before. Yes, I am filled with optimism. Oh, and while in one of his work/rehabilitation facilities, he was caught stealing cleaning supplies for his girlfriend. Yes, his GIRLFRIEND. He has that, je n'est ├ža pas called street cred that makes him sexy to the ladies, and earns him respect from his peers.