Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Last meal

The demonstrators crouched in the muggy evening next to a piece of pink plastic, spread down the road as a table and table-cloth in one. It was covered with wilted pink sunflowers and plates of vegetarian curry, white rice, and beans.

Of COURSE that would be their last meal. Anti-war, feminist, vegans.

The demonstration aimed at highlighting the costs of the war, in which more than 2,500 U.S. soldiers and thousands of Iraqis have died, said CodePink spokeswoman Meredith Dearborn.

"We have to put our own lives on the line, and I'm willing to do that," said activist Diane Wilson, who pledged to fast until the United States withdraws from Iraq.

Dearborn said 2,700 other activists nationwide, including actors Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, would work as a relay team passing the fast daily from one to another.

What kind of wussy "fast" is that? Hey, River Rat, how about you and I share a fast. I'll fast all night, up until about 9 am, then you pick it up for an hour or so while I eat my breakfast. Email me, we'll work out the details. I like to eat dinner kinda early, is that going to be a problem with you? I could be done by 6 pm, so you could hand off the fast to me as I'm slipping into a food coma.