Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's Unbelievable

Don't know why that song popped into my head, must be the English accents of the singer. But, this story really is unbelievable.

They paid £5,000 to book a lavish ceremony at the attraction's hotel and planned to spend the first day of their honeymoon on the theme park rides with their 60 guests.

Unfortunately the happy couple did not realise their day out would clash with a special Muslim fun day that means married couples will be banned from going on rides together, all women must cover up their bodies in accordance with religious custom and alcohol is forbidden.

Now the devastated couple must decide whether to put up with the restrictive rules on September 17 and share the attraction with up to 28,000 Muslims or reorganise their 'dream' wedding

The idea behind "Sharia Day?" "The park was hired out to an Islamic company for the fun day aimed at 'integrating Muslims into the wider community." What aspect of this fun day demonstrates the word integrating?. Sounds more like appeasement. Look, if Muslims want to live in a world divided by the sexes- where women are not allowed to dress normally, swim, or drive- they can remain in the Middle East.

Park restrictions for the day include no music, halal-only food, gender segregated rides, and no alcohol. But, there is this:

Yaseen Patel, director of Islamic Leisure, said women would have to wearing clothing that covered up their bodies, although they would not have to wear the traditional Muslim head scarf.

How's that for allowing a little integration?

h/t: Jawa Report