Saturday, October 22, 2005

What is happening to me?

Nielsen's top 20 shows for last week :

1 CSI (never watched this show ever.)

2 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (watched for half of last year, then got kinda bored)

3 WITHOUT A TRACE (I have seen one or two episodes of this show.)

4 LOST (In my" top 3"- 24, Battlestar Galactica, Lost.)

5 GREY'S ANATOMY (Never watched.)

6 CSI: MIAMI (never watched.)

7 NCIS (I've never even heard of this show)

8 COMMANDER IN CHIEF (refuse to watch)

9 SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA (Never ever watched.)

10 60 MINUTES (You're joking, right? I think the last time I watched of of these, I was still in high school, which - trust me on this - was a long time ago.)

11 NFL MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (Well, this is often ON in my house, but I don't watch it personally.)

12 LAW AND ORDER:SVU (If I'm awake, and it's on, I will watch.)

13 CSI: NY (Never watched.)

14 TWO AND A HALF MEN (Never watched.)

15 EXTREME MAKEOVER:HOME ED. (I've seen this once or twice.)

16 E.R. (occasionally watch.)

17 COLD CASE (Don't watch.)

18 FOX MLB LCS: GMS 1&2(S) (You don't need me to respond to this one, do you?)

19 CRIMINAL MINDS (Never watched, never heard of it.)

20 MLB DIV : AL (see #18.)

Anyway - I'm going to be one of those Nielsen's households in a few weeks. I'm gonna try to shake things up. Just wait, Battlestar will be #1!