Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Useful Idiots

Some tool over on HuffPo wrote a long piece about why he's going to get himself arrested, with Saint Cindy today, in commemoration of the 2000th death. He gives his reasons for protest, and I found this one interesting:

* Anger -- I'm extremely angry. A gang of criminals blatantly lied to the world about the reasons for the slaughter. There could be no acceptable reasons for such a thing, but I would be less angry -- I think -- or it would be a very different anger if they had given honest reasons and my compatriots had accepted them. Instead they told lies. They concocted stories. They forged documents! And many of us knew they were lying. They weren't even so much lying as going through the motions of lying -- this was the level of their arrogance. This sort of arrogance may never before have seen its match outside of the profession of journalism -- a profession about which I am too angry to speak.

It is sentence number three that I find so interesting. There could be no acceptable reasons for such a thing. All the screaming and accusations "Bush lied, people died" are just a cover for the fact that many of these people are against war for any purposes. They truly believe that peaceful solutions can be found for any and all situations. That, perhaps, OBL can be sat down and talked to. Besides, isn't is our OWN fault that he did what he did? Didn't we cause 9/11 indirectly? Well, that's what I learned from Chomsky.

You know, I would really REALLY like to see some peacenik sitting down with an Islamic fascist, and the two having a go at the peace process.