Monday, October 10, 2005

Dumb and Dumber

One of the absolutely stupidest theories out there is that the World Train Center wasn't attacked by Islamic Fundamentalists. Theories as to what happened are, as they said in the X-Files are "out there" - but mostly are found among two groups; muslim and liberal. This from from The New York Post

Hicks does not like the term "conspiracy theory" because, he says, "That assumes it's wrong or not credible."

"I think there is a wealth of alternative knowledge out there that the American people are being kept away from," he told me.

So I ask if the Muslim world is off the hook for 9/11. He said, "Arab rage is a factor" in terror. "But the CIA is smart enough to know this, and to use that rage.

"The Arab community didn't benefit from 9/11. It was Bush and Co."

WAIT, I know this song ....

Around the corner and a million miles away from the yuppie leftists of Vox Pop, Coney Island Avenue hosts a large Pakistani community. It would seem to have little in common with the cafe — until you get people talking.
Men gathered at the Subhan restaurant don't hesitate to say 9/11 is a government-sponsored atrocity.
"They want to go for oil, for war," said Majid, who asked that his last name not be printed. "The government, they don't care how many people can die. America does everything for its own behalf. Bush is evil."

SEE, I told you I had heard this before! It's been a chart topper for the liberal moonbats for the last 4 years.

Majid, a 43-year-old cabdriver, is an American citizen.

Wesley Sohail, 14, told me the kids discuss 9/11 attacks, and our government's culpability, in school.
"We don't think they brought the buildings down, we think they let it happen," he said. He said his teachers agree.

HIS TEACHER AGREE. Did you catch that? His teachers agree that Bushhitler allowed it to happen. Anyone need some info on home schooling?

H/t: Alarming News