Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I am Kwame Kilpatrick, and I always refer to myself in the third person:

"The first part of this race was an opportunity for those that have been genuinely hurt, for those that have been upset with Kwame Kilpatrick, to exercise that choice," Kilpatrick told supporters. "I learned a valuable lesson. I accept what you've done today."

You've learned a valuable lesson? Which lesson is that? That the city of Detroit isn't your personal fiefdom? That using city money to get yourself a fancy SUV, or to charge family vacations on the city's credit card is a bad idea? Because, really I don't think you've learned your lesson. Your only regret was that you were caught.

And, FTR, he's referring, in the above quote, to getting spanked by Freman Hendrix in the primaries.