Monday, August 22, 2005

I should have DONE something

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One never knows how they will react when they are tested in life. Will they step up? Will they make a difference? It is with heavy heart that I must admit that yesterday I was tested, and failed. WHY did I not do something? I could have put a stop to the savagery. The brutality. What was once beautiful in life, is now but a mockery of my lack of conviction.

I watched, and did NOTHING as my neighbor brutalized his tree. I regret I did not have a photo of it in it's former glory; it's prouder days. Sure, I watched. AGAST. But I was silent when I should have spoken up. Perhaps I could have said:
What the fuck are you doing? I know you're engineer, and smart and all that, but perhaps, JUST PERHAPS you have no clue that you are RUINING that tree. Now put the damn pruners down, and back away slowley.

Yea. I should have said something like that.

I swear, there is no rhyme and reason to what he did to this tree. He took some off the top- which was ok, but then he just started digging in and taking branches off helter skelter. If you click the picture bigger, you can really see how awful it looks. It was really a beautiful tree. Perfect shape. It just needed a few stray branches clipped from the top, and then then normal "bowl cut." Sigh.