Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rangel still the Chairman?

Most ethical Congress ever. Can't even get rid of Charlie Rangel. NYT:

And with Republicans preparing to force a vote Wednesday seeking to oust Mr. Rangel from his chairmanship, support among his fellow Democrats appeared to be crumbling. He huddled in a meeting with senior party leaders, including Ms. Pelosi, and officials said Democrats were urging him to step down, at least temporarily.

As he left his crisis meeting with party leaders around 8 p.m., Mr. Rangel insisted that he was not stepping down. Asked if he was going to remain as chairman, he said, “You bet your life.”

Pushed on whether he would step aside temporarily, he replied, “No.”

He said he was headed back to his office to work on jobs legislation, and when a reporter asked if he would still be the committee chairman on Wednesday, Mr. Rangel said, “Yes, and I don’t lie to the press.”

Nice Majority you got there Nancy.

And Kudos to the CBC; all but one of them appear to be standing by their man. As for the one who DARED to to criticize their brother? Rep Artur Davis demanded that RAagel resign from his committee.

"I think Mr. Davis ought to step aside," sneered CBC member Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL). "He ain't here much. And if he's speaking for anyone black, he ain't speaking for me."

Ha ha ahhhaa ... that's too good. Thanks to Cyn for that last bit.