Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's time for us to come together - BLOG-A-THON

I know there is a lot of back and forth, name calling, and outright nastiness here at ITBO. But today, I ask that we come together for one special cause. The recent earthquake in Hawaii.

I don't know why or how this one flew under the radar, but I'm sure people are suffering over there, and Obama wants to get HCR passed so they can get some of that filthy-lucre-aid money. But they need help NOW.

OBAMA: That also — I’m giving you an example of one that I consider important. It also affects Hawaii, which went through an earthquake. So that’s not just a Louisiana provision. That is a provision that affects every state that is going through a natural catastrophe.

That "Louisiana purchase" crap? Nonsense. It applies to every state that has a devastating natural catastrophe. Well, let me be clear. It applies to every "state" that qualifies. And to qualify it would have to, among other things, have been a state that "during the preceding 7 fiscal years" been declared a "major disaster area."

And, the state name has to start with the letter "L."

Anyway, so I'm concerned that Hawaii may not get that aid it so desperately needs. Can't we come together? For Hawaii?