Friday, February 12, 2010

This and That ...

Department of Education spending. Biggest waste of money.

Puppyblender reminds us of pork busters.

HEY, REMEMBER PORKBUSTERS? So I was talking to a reporter about the Tea Party movement yesterday, and he asked why nobody was complaining about spending under Republicans. Well, I remarked, there was the whole PorkBusters movement, whose biggest target was probably Trent Lott. “Oh yeah,” he said. “I had forgotten about that.”

Scroll down to see pre-Obama criticism of pork.

Johnah Goldberg on the Bipartisan Health Care Summit:

“The president doesn’t think we should start over,” White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer explained. Obama himself has said he’s committed to the existing bills in the House and Senate. He just wants to hash out ideas with Republicans — in front of TV cameras — at a much-hyped summit because he thinks it would be good for America, or something. The Republicans can get whatever fixtures they want in the guest bathroom. Beyond that, they should just co-sign Obamacare and shut up.

The best you can say about the effort is that it fits into the White House’s universal answer to all of its problems: “We just need to explain to these confused Americans how we’ve been right about everything.” To that end, the White House wants to use Republicans as a skeptical prop-audience in one last infomercial for the ShamWow of Obamacare.

The worst you can say is that it’s a cynical trap designed to make the GOP look out of touch, ill informed, and ideological. Indeed, there’s a bipartisan consensus growing in Washington that the whole thing is a setup. Obama is going to say “nice doggie” to Republicans right up until the moment he smashes them with a rolled-up 2,000-page health-care bill.

Should the GOP go? Goldberg says yea. I'm not so sure.