Monday, February 01, 2010

About that "Credibility Gap"

I like this Doc Zero fello. Money line.

It’s humiliating to let the President tell you he can’t “afford” to give you a tax cut.

That's like going up to your boss and telling him you can't "afford" for him not to pay you more. But in the upside-down world of politics, Obama says stuff like that without a blush. Without a hint of irony. Without the slightest understanding of how shit works.

Or, should I say, shit out in the Real World. He knows how things work in the public sector, 'cause that's pretty much all he's done.

But, he's gonna close that credibility gap. With speeches, I'm guessing. More Doc Zero:

Why shouldn’t the public have deep doubts about Obama’s government? He actually tried to pass off a $787 billion heist of public funds, laundered through his party’s loyal supporters or poured into imaginary congressional districts and zip codes, as a positive achievement in his State of the Union address. He insults their intelligence with ridiculous “jobs saved or created” metrics that would cause an embattled business executive to be escorted from the building by security. We don’t even know what happened to the million-dollar Nobel prize he was supposed to donate to charity. I wonder if the lucky charity will have a valid zip code.

Obama brags about going from a “bystander to a leader in the fight against climate change” – a boast about making America the biggest sucker to fall for the most expensive fraud in history. In fact, he diverted half a million dollars of that stimulus loot to Dr. Michael Mann, the con artist who created the ridiculous “hockey stick graph”… which would, in the hands of a truly trustworthy government, serve as evidence for the prosecution at Mann’s trial.

Which members of Obama’s corrupt party should the public trust? Chris Dodd? Charlie Rangel? Barney Frank? Should we trust the Speaker of the House more after the Freedom of Information Act revealed she’s using military aircraft to shuttle her royal family around in style, often at a cost of over $18,000 per hour of taxpayer money? Should we trust the people who expect us to ignore an orgy of backroom deals, vote-buying, and subsidies for special interests, and treat them as honest statesmen with the best interests of the entire country at heart, when they attempt their next parliamentary maneuver to ram their health-care takeover down our throats?

I don't care that Bush originally authorized the use of a military jet for Pelosi to trip back and forth. He shouldn't have. Our politicians have become the ruling elite. They are not public servants. They ascend upon high and start sucking on that teat like you wouldn't believe.

Obama can't afford to give us a tax break, though. Remember that. We've all got to buck up and pay for this shit.


Some Steyn Goodness on the SOTU speech:

As my colleague Rich Lowry put it after the Massachusetts vote, the public thinks Obama doesn’t get it, and Obama thinks the public doesn’t get it. And as he’s got the microphone, he’s gonna keep talking at you until you do get it.

But there's more!

That’s why Obama is such a job-killer. Why would a small business take on a new employee? The president’s proposing a soak-the-banks tax that could impact your access to credit. The House has passed a cap-and-trade bill that could impose potentially unlimited regulatory costs. The Senate is in favor of “health” “care” “reform” that will allow the IRS to seize your assets if you and your employees’ health arrangements do not meet the approval of the federal government. Some of these things will pass into law, some of them won’t. But all of them send a consistent, cumulative message: that there are no rules, that they’re being made up as they go along — and that some of them might even be retroactive, as happened this week with Oregon’s new corporate tax.

In such an environment, would you hire anyone? Or would you hunker down and sit things out? Obama can bury it in half a ton of leaden telepromptered sludge but the world has got the message: More Washington, more micro-regulation of every aspect of your life, more multi-trillion-dollar spending, and no agreed rules in a game ever more rigged against you.

Obama has proposed small business tax credits for new hires, or raises. Businesses are doing everything they can right now to stay afloat. If they COULD hire new folks, they would. But they will not, because any symbolic tax credit isn't going to offset the cost to their bottom line. It sounded really good during the State of the Union speech, but only to those who have no idea how businesses work.

Another rotten idea thrown out during the speech was the early forgiveness of student loans for those who go into public service. Because, you know, NO ONE ever willingly goes into public service on their own, right?

In the last 60 years, the size of America’s state and local workforce has increased five times faster than the general population. But the president says it’s still not enough: We have to incentivize even further the diversion of our human capital into the government machine. Like most lifelong politicians, Barack Obama has never created, manufactured, or marketed any product other than himself. So quite reasonably he sees government dependency as the natural order of things. And in his college-loan plan he’s explicitly telling you: If you start a business, invent something, provide a service, you’re a schmuck and a loser. In the America he’s building, you’ll be working 24/7 till you drop dead to fund an ever-swollen bureaucracy that takes six weeks off a year and retires at 53 on a pension you could never dream of. Obama’s proposals are bold only insofar as few men would offer such a transparent guarantee of disaster: It’s the audacity of hopelessness.

As for his "Drill now" and nuclear power suggestions? I don't believe it. Yes. I'm saying he was lying.