Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday reading

Can someone please explain to me ... do lefties simply oppose things because those on the "Right" support them? I came across this story at "Sadly, No!" where the author is taking NRO's K-Lo to task about bikinis.

Over at America’s Shittiest Website™, K-Lo is incensed about the latest fad that is turning young girls into shameless, godless hussies: bikinis.

[F]or heaven’s sake. This Washington Post piece on three 16-year-old girls shopping for bikinis in Tyson’s Corner is begging for a dad to be on the scene. Mom’s no help — one of them provides financial assistance because a teenage girl just has to have a bikini, you know. “Bikinis are more popular because they’re sexier. They draw a guy’s attention.” Where’s dad to just say no?

Next thing you know these young girls will want to be dancing the “twist” and going out in public without male relatives as chaperones.

What really got me going, though, were the commnets.

J— said,
July 27, 2008 at 16:05

Such subtleties are lost on Lopez, Woodrowfan, as her main objection is to teenage girls factoring into their decision making attraction to teenage boys. Her call for the presence of dads is a call for this budding sexuality to be stifled. And this reflects on her conception of what role a father should have in a daughter’s maturation. “You want the boys to look at you? I cannot allow that!”

Women who were never good-looking become even more bitter towards the young ones who are as they enter middle age and realize that, even though they weren’t good looking in youth, that was as good as it was ever going to get for them, and they wasted those best years hating on all the girls their age who were better-looking instead of making the most of their brief window of opportunity when they looked the best they were ever going to look.

K-Lo exhibits said behavoir on a predictably regular schedule. It’s quite sad.

K-Lo is quite insulting to fathers as well as the mother. She regulates dads to being vagina guardians defending against the icky penis. As if men have no clue how to raise their kids to be confident and responsible when it comes to normal human interactions.

The whole meme of hide the females so the icky males with penises will miraculously learn to have sex and flirtations with trees is quite the mind warp. It is difficult to determine which K-Lo despises more men or women.


So, the meme from proggs is to let your daughter's dress as slutty as they want, BECAUSE OF THE PATRIARCHY, and don't try to guard against the evil penises. Also, if you are against your daughter wearing dental-floss-as-bathing-atire, it's prolly 'cause you were an ugly hag.

You've come a LONG WAY BABY!