Monday, July 14, 2008

It's been a week?

I have something to say about this, I'm just not sure what.

A temporary office in Detroit being used by the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has been burglarized.

Michigan campaign spokesman Brent Colburn says personal electronics, including some mobile phones and a laptop, were taken early Saturday. But Colburn says they didn't contain campaign information.

I was off camping the last few days; Harwick Pines. Beautiful campground. I heard a loon the first morning, but only that once. Bummer. I'll try to post a picture or two.

RIP Tony Snow. Such a nice guy. The Kos kids share their thoughts, and show their ass:

Snow was a shit head piece of FOX NEWS lying crap. He and the rest of BushCo need to be jailed.

That anyone here would dare praise him is beyond an insult to Progressive Democrats like me.


And this:

I’m sorry but it just sickens me to read diary after diary of silly, bleeding-heart little condolensces to Snow and his family.

I swear some of you weak-kneed progessive brethren of mine have no clue about the vicious nature of the ideological battle we are in. When a bad guy dies, we should rejoice, not sing his praises of wish him anything by scorn.

Stay classy Proggs!