Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Once more into the breech, dear friends

I don't really know why I go to HuffPo. I signed up to comment a LONG time ago, so they send me their morning briefs (which I usually delete) and sometimes I just can't help myself.

Tom Gregory has a little piece whining about the US's "baby boomlet" and the dire consequences (GLOBAL WARMING) that are sure to come. Now, it's called a boomlet because it really isn't a boom. Nevertheless, Gregory is concerned, and he's laying the blame. Anti-abortionists and Catholics.

Reports broke the numbers down by race, pointing the finger at Hispanics, who reportedly account for one-quarter of that total. The issue is not the race, but the religion -- Catholicism. Followers are simply adhering to their archaic, illogical church doctrine.

Gregory has another target for his ire; the new FOX movie "Juno." My BIL says "Juno" is great, a must see. It's about a 16-year-old (Juno) who gets pregnant and decides to give it up for adoption. THAT IS JUST OVER THE TOP!

Juno stars Ellen Page as the 16-year-old title character who gets pregnant by her best friend. From the moment she gives herself a pregnancy test, there is never a sense of sexual responsibility, just non-stop quick-witted quips. Maybe she just doesn't understand how screwed up her life might be because of her misstep, and judging from their reaction, neither do her parents.

Juno tells her parents of her unwanted baby; she has decided not to get an abortion. Instead, she's planning to search for a suitable couple advertising to adopt. In one the film's most frustrating scenes, her parents never question Juno's lack of sexual responsibility. After Juno tells her dad the name of the boy who has fathered the child, he responds, "I didn't know he had it in him." That singular line reeks of the core problem in teenage pregnancy -- men of every age who think it adds to their machismo to father a child.

The story goes on to make pregnancy look easy, if not fun. The writer, director, and actors make it seem Juno is doing a good thing because she is giving a parentless couple a baby. Repercussions are nil. She attends school throughout, getting weird looks, with her pregnancy never compromising her carefree youth; the non-stop funny quips keep coming rapid-fire, making Juno sound like all the Marx brothers rolled into one. I can't imagine a 16 year-old-girl handling an unplanned pregnancy with so little angst.

So ... Juno is doing a bad thing giving a childless couple a baby? I suppose an abortion would have been much better. One less person to compromise our fragile planet. And, then, certainly Juno would have "earned" that reprecussion-less youth.

And, for the record, for many women pregnancy is both easy and fun. But that doesn't fit into the narrative .

As usual, the real fun appears in the comments. That's where teh crazy comes to roost:

I understand that for right to lifers no amount of suffering is adequate in defense of their peculiar ideology but the bias is so obvious and the pathetic need to control all women is so apparent that I don't know how you folks can look at yourself in the mirror.

And Paul, 15 ad 16 year olds should not be forced to carry to term children they do not want and cannot afford. I know this was standard when Bach was alive but, then, the Catholic church and all forms of fundamentalist Christianity has taught it's adherants to view women as an inferior beings with the social status of livestock for a good long while now.

I work towards the day when 'pro-life' men will be considered unmarriagble by the overwhelming majority of women (not to mention the 12 to 16 year olds who appear to have become the most desirable sex partners for way too may 'Christian' males.

Well, I did have a hard time looking myself in the mirror, but that was because it hadn't been installed yet. But, I got that sucker up last week, and now- NO PROBLEMS. Regardless, this commenter has built herself up a nice straw man she can beat up all-day-long. Much easier to do that than actually deal with what pro-lifers really believe.

I wonder how she works toward "the day when 'pro-life' men will be considered unmarriagable"? That will be soo cool - when absolutely all men are completely on-board with aborting the babies they didn't mean to knock you up with. What could possibly go wrong with that?