Friday, January 04, 2008

I could write more ...

But flea kinda gets the point regarding Huck:

It was the Republican establishment which encouraged these people to start voting. They are now reaping what they have sown. In this case, tens of millions of voters who have yet to figure out the President can do next to nothing about abortion, that a constitutional ban on abortion will never pass and that as many as five Supreme Court Justices will be nominated by the next Democrat in the White House.

Although, I don't necessarily agree that fundies weren't voting before; and voting conservative. Perhaps it coalesced them into a block, and now the block is turning against us. The question is WHY? I think the answer can be found in all the positive press Huck has been receiving. The only thing conservative about the man are his social views. Views which are HATED by the very press that is pumping him up.

It isn't hard to wonder why they would do such a thing. He will not win an open election. If he is the GOP candidate (shudder) we will lose the White House. I'm not one for threats, but I won't be voting for him.